Putting the Fun in FUNdraising

Whenever your school or organization needs to raise money for a good cause, Humdinger Kettle Korn offers a great way to pop more profits from your fundraising efforts. We start you off on the right foot with products that appeal to a wide range of customers. Did you know nine out of ten people like popcorn? And, everyone loves Humdinger brand Kettle Korn! This makes fundraising easy because the product sells itself. Customers are eager to purchase our delicious, unique, and hard-to-find products.

We can create Kettle Korn in your school colors or any special combinations needed for your event or organization. Best of all, we customize the packaging to reflect your organization. We also throw in a free popcorn party for each $400 your organization raises! Each party consists of 30 individual-sized bags of our Original Kettle Korn.

Pictures of customized packaging coming soon.

How it Works--Two Options for Fundraising

Option 1, Pre-sales:

Each participant takes an order form and brochure of products around to friends, neighbors, relatives and co-workers. Payments are collected as orders are taken. Depending on the organization, a window of one to two weeks is suggested for collecting orders. After the forms have been turned in to Humdinger Kettle Korn, the orders will be popped fresh, filled, and returned to you by the scheduled delivery and/or pick-up date.

Option 2, Direct Sales:

An alternative to the pre-sale program is to purchase Humdinger brand Kettle Korn at our special fundraising prices for re-sale. This method works well for organizations that have an opportunity to sell directly to large groups over a one or two day period. For instance, youth groups may purchase the products to sell to the congregation after Sunday services. To ensure maximum product freshness, please sell the products within two weeks of delivery.

Plan your Fundraiser

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Your Success is Our Success

Humdinger Kettle Korn makes the fundraising process simple and profitable. Our fundraising options are designed to give your organization up to a 40% profit margin, depending on the product mix. The minimum order we require is a low $200. We do our best to help ensure that your fundraiser is a success.

We do this by using straightforward pricing and by offering only our most popular products for fundraising purposes. This ensures that the order collection process is simple for both the customer and the salesperson. From our easy to understand forms and sales support, to the prompt delivery of a yummy, hand-crafted and locally made product, we recognize that Humdinger Kettle Korn's success depends on your success.

Word-of Mouth

From: Pullman, WA
"Is it normal for your product to just disappear like that?"

More Opportunities

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