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Humdinger Kettle Korn produces premium snacks bursting with flavor and quality. It starts with the popcorn. The special yellow hybrid popcorn we use is purchased directly from a farmer. The kernels are then hand-stirred and kettle-popped in small batches. Using professional grade equipment, our experienced popologists™ ensure that the popping conditions are just right so the kernels explode into big, roly-poly flakes of popcorn.

Flavor Menu

Our flavor menu continues to grow according to customer demand and some of our most popular flavors are described here. Whether you prefer sweet or savory, there's something to satisfy everyone's craving!


Kettle Korn History

Making kettle corn

Legend has it that "Kettle Korn" is an age-old tradition reinvented by a Missouri farmer in the mid 1980s. German immigrants used to pop corn in their large cast iron kettles after a day of rendering lard from hogs. They would then add honey, molasses, or sugar to sweeten their freshly popped treat. We still use kettles to pop in, however they are constructed of stainless steel and the popper has been streamlined for commercial use. And the only way to make honest-to-goodness Kettle Korn is to hand-stir the popping corn with a wooden paddle, turning out the finished product into a large copper kettle. We continue to use this process today, serving up bushels of the uniquely sweet and salty treat each year.

Word of Mouth

  • From: Vancouver, WA
    "Humdinger Kettle Korn ROCKS! We couldn't keep our hands out of the bag! The flavor is so yummy it's addictive! I was so impressed that you took the time to deliver the bag to the hospital for my cousin--it was the only thing that she absolutely asked for while she was sick, and it was such a treat for her to have. I will definitely order more in the future."

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